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shadefalcon's News

Posted by shadefalcon - 12 days ago

If you've read my journal or seen my Twitter post I Pinned on my profile, you know what's up, if not please go read those, really appreciate it. Gonna be re-opening commissions on April 12th, this month, and my Patreon is up now. If you like some of the stuff you see here, please consider supporting me I greatly appreciate it, it will go towards me being able to make my comics Dawning of Darkness (DoD) and Retrograde and some nsfw art to start. Will add more tiers as time goes on.  






Posted by shadefalcon - December 11th, 2020

I've been saying for a while about doing a Podcast with my sister. This is going live on Youtube this month. (Most likely the 15th) if you enjoy conversations with me/my rants and topics of a variety of things, like current events, politics, or something as odd as why is the english language so fucking crazy?

Subscribe, hit the bell and consider checking us out. If you can't see us live, there will be the Vods on the channel after the broadcast, so now worries.


Posted by shadefalcon - August 24th, 2020


Just floating this around for when I wanna draw NSFW content and Twitch won't let me cause apparently the nipple is a cardinal sin...


Posted by shadefalcon - August 14th, 2020


Buy the shirt if you wanna show your support and follow me on Twitter for the latest updates with all my work. =)

Buy the Shirt on my Tee-Spring:


Add me on Discord and join my Server:



Posted by shadefalcon - June 7th, 2020

Check out my new website for price details and please feel free to contact me on the multiple platforms you can find me on.




If you contact me through the website I will receive an email regarding your request. If any of you are interested please check it out, and feel free to ask me questions. =) Thanks again for all the support over the years of me and my work.



Posted by shadefalcon - March 18th, 2020

Support the containment of Corona in this difficult time. Stay inside and stay safe.




Posted by shadefalcon - February 3rd, 2020

Posted by shadefalcon - January 2nd, 2020

Hello all. This is something that has been a long time coming and I had been wondering about when to bring this up, but it feels like now is the right time. Many of you have wondered where I've been in the last few years. I had been around, but was mostly on Deviantart. At the time I turned 19 I started to explore more original works of art and creation such as my Comic Book Retrograde and my Music (My band: Defiled Conscience). I wanted less of the stigma of being a Sonic Fan, and more the label of "Artist" as a general identity. I explored this in writing over 9 albums of songs (Lyrically) and creating all the artwork for it. It also made me realize I wanted to sing and record them, perform them. I grew to love heavy metal music, specifically screamer vocals. I learned the techniques to do them effectively and safely but do to unknown reasons suffered from much mucus and breathing problems. Doctors couldn't seem to diagnose it at all, and while I have many other health conditions (some of them quite rare) they were not the cause and for years I suffered. In this time I had also made artwork for my comic book (Retrograde) and did character designs and honed my skills as an artist. I did not really disappear, but my activity slowed down do to my health. I was still on Skype when most people moved to Discord do to my previous computer being unable to handle it. In this time I had also gotten Married, helped many other people emotionally, financially and often at the expense of my own time and health. In the end I was not always appreciated, and even abandoned. I still have a very supportive family in my parents, sister, and my wife though. And in coming back it is with good news and bad news. I have come back to Newgrounds as well and made a Twitter account. I do this to get reacquainted with my community of artists, friends and fans and even after this long decade of my changes, my work and my health, to thank you for all your support and dedication to my works and am glad to know the positive impacts it has made on all or anyone of you. In this last year I recently got over a bad case of Lyme Disease that went undetected for an unknown amount of time but my breathing and lung function has improved significantly (not enough to record my music yet, but still good progress).

However, I have one last piece of the puzzle that has dramatically altered my life and what is to come; and while I am optimistic it is not without it's struggles. All this time, all these years of my slowed productivity has been linked to one health issue.

Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome: (CFIDS) it is a health condition caused by certain viruses being present in the body and much information can be found and read about it on:


Or just google: Dr. Teitelbaum


I was working as a Manager for 3 years in a retail store and had to leave do to my health and being mistreated by my supervisor. I am not able to work normal jobs and thus have shifted my career goals.

1. I am in the process of drawing some remaining images/examples to get up a price guide for art commissions 

2. I am going to be starting a twitch stream soon (just need to finish making some animated gifs of my own for the stream) 

3. and my wife and I are starting a podcast which will be streamed on Twitch and uploaded to YouTube. I am just waiting on a music track to be finished that we had commissioned for the intro and I will be animating a small opening of it and create the logo for our podcast. 

While I have strong dedication, aspirations and passions to work on my comic Retrograde and do my music (Defiled Conscience) and try and spread a positive message as i enjoy making people think and educating others, plus make DoD back into a rebooted comic, the 3 above aforementioned projects must be started and will be stated very soon. I plan to have at least one of them up and ready to go within the next couple of months if not 2 of them.

I give you this update to keep you all informed and to thank you for the years of support and hope you will all continue to support me going forward as this is not only my passions and my talents, but will now be, becoming my bread and butter, my lively hood. I can be found and reached on the following platforms and I hope that you will all follow me as I have much great content to produce for you all coming soon:




And my Discord I.D. -- shadefalcon#2559

Sincerely, shadefalcon (Tony)

Posted by shadefalcon - December 7th, 2019

Hey guys, just wanted to say thanks to those of you who are still supporting my work after all these years. I am in the process of getting commissions going and have something planned for DoD coming up within the new year.

If you want to keep up with me and all my work, follow me on here, Twitter and Deviantart, links are below and thanks again, hope you're all doing well.




Posted by shadefalcon - July 14th, 2019

Going to be submitting some more art here again. DA (deviantart) gets the bulk of my submissions, but I thought why not submit some pieces here again as well. And my adult or NSFW stuff too that I do as well.

So, yeah I'm kinda back on here again now I guess.