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I honestly would love to see this be a series.

Your story is still interesting enough, and you've improved a bit, however your visual effects still need work(cody's black eye was on the wrong side at one point, the door slamming of the Mettalix could've used some indents as they were bashing through etc.) your camera work still needs improvements with panning and zooms and the mouth movements (along with the characters) need more movement/mannerism displayed. The characters lack much emotion/drama for what the voice actors are conveying. I can go into more detail over a Skype Conversation some time if you'd like but this is just some basic points for now.

Nice work, and thanks for using my characters. However, ss124 did not make my Beasts or Clones. He only helped sprite the sheets. So please remove his copyright credit. Thank you.

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I didn't want this to end! So much fun and great art and concept. Makes me want to make more inanimate objects personified. Really fucking amazing. =D


But it seemed redundant after a while, as if it would never end, finally after wave 37 waves I gave up. Last year's game, Accelerant, was much more well thought out, based on on of the episodes of madness, had a bit of an adventure concept to it since you had to move through the whole landscape, and it flowed better, but lagging is to be expected when you have that many vector effects on screen, particularly all the flames of the flame thrower. But I digress, I suggest next year's game be another episode of the series like accelerant was about the clown one, maybe try one with the Auditor next time around. All in all, great programming.

Was pretty good...

Just work on the dialouge a lil more on the next lesbian one you make, only because the main character seemed a lil to much like a guy in her text bubbles, and add in some more kissing next time. Lesbians kiss a lot and this was really lacking in here. Other than that nice job.

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I like this very much.

I am definetly using this in DoD.

Gorekiller responds:

Really ? Thanks for using this in your flash, then, mate !

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They are both well done. I'm just more partial to the pixels.

So good I thought it was an illustration.

This genuinely makes me want to design more inanimate objects as personas

coby responds:

you totally should, i'm glad you're inspired! it was really fun interpreting the original candle knight sprite from the game :)

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