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2013-07-07 21:40:30 by shadefalcon

I'm kind of done with it. Other than the use of submitting future episodes of DoD (Don't expect them soon, it is third on my list of projects), and maybe some of my songs for my band, (once recorded), it has become an obsolete hang out.

If you're interested in my 2 Main Projects: My comic/graphic novel series: Retrograde, my band: Defiled Conscience, or simply to contact me, I'm on deviantart.

I see people are way to much "tl;dr" idiots here.


That's all, see ya 'round.


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2013-07-07 23:09:16

Damn shame. :/
Hope those go well for you, wherever you go.

shadefalcon responds:

Thanks. I'll still be on here from time to time, but DA is your best bet for me and my work.


2013-07-16 03:09:01

where can i find songs from your band

shadefalcon responds:

I'm in the process of recording and working things out still. You can find updates on my deviant-art page in the mean time.


2013-09-03 15:53:17

That's too bad!
I really enjoy your work a lot! I'll check out your work on DA as well and I'm sure I'll enjoy it a lot.


2014-07-06 07:56:20

With SMBZ and pretty much every other Old School sprite series dead, I really wish you'd revive DoD. Dawning of Darkness, alongside SMBZ, is the #1 show from the "golden age of spriting" that I'd like to see make a triumphant return. Your series was a brilliant stroke of genius, and a part of my childhood, plus something sorely lacking from the Newgrounds of today.

shadefalcon responds:

Follow me on DA. And DoD is back in production, it's just last on my list of projects. And thank you for your kind words.


2014-08-07 17:09:32

I wish you good luck in future endeavors.


2015-10-05 00:08:24

I like you flashes but I hope everything goes well


2017-10-03 19:29:09

shade falco make DoD 6 i will love your work of the series if you make