Defiled Conscience Artworks

2013-06-30 01:11:06 by shadefalcon

Editing album 2's cover arts (front and back), making them blend more with the rest of the album's artwork. Check out my DC folder in my gallery (mostly on my deviantart page) for the bulk of my art, and the rest of Defiled Conscience's band artwork. I've made a decent amount of edits in color and style for the albums over the last few months. Learnt a few new tricks in my college courses.

I MIGHT also be posting up in the future an edited version of album 6's cover art, with a more dynamic pose of Apothikia Gnosis, my mascot for the band. I'm not quite fond of of the pose I drew, despite the color job I did with the painting on it. I'll also be posting up some other DC Posters sometime in the near future too.

I'm going to post up some more Retrograde Art soon too. I finished Shade's ref sheet first so expect that on here real soon.


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