Big Updates Mother-Fuckers =P

2013-03-20 02:53:38 by shadefalcon

It's been a long two years... but I finally finished all 7 albums. Lyrics all written, artwork all completed. Now all that's left is the recording process. It may still take some more time, but my health is massively improving. My breathing issues aren't to bad, and seem to be mostly allergies, so it's a slow process but it WILL be RECTIFIED.

And now, I will finally be working on my Retrograde comic book character's designs. And I am currently studying Graphic Design as well.

I look forward to all of your feedback and comments on my future work. I appreciate all the votes, but remember, I may not reply to everyone, as it's impossible, however I always read all the comments and reviews.

Things are looking up.

P.S. Here's a look at Shade so far:

Big Updates Mother-Fuckers =P


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2013-03-21 21:08:36

excellent work looks totally badass

shadefalcon responds:

Thanks. Still working on him but I think he should be up in few more days.


2013-04-18 22:51:51

This is looking all really good. Glad to hear your health is improving! Hope it all gets well, as I know where you're coming from since I get allergies year round but they're worse around this time of year. Also, the design is looking NICE so far. Though it's killing me because I KNOW BIRDS OF PREY BUT CAN'T FIGURE OUT WHAT TYPE OF FALCON THIS REMINDS ME OF. DX

shadefalcon responds:

Thanks dude, and also for the credit on your movie. And me too, I have year-round allergies as well.

And thanks. The ref sheet is nearly all colored. And He's a Grey Kestrel. It's a bird in the falcon family. =)