People are getting dumber and dumber

2013-02-14 21:55:55 by shadefalcon

Seriously, it's just pathetic. I don't watch a lot of TV except for mostly some prime time shows. Consisting of intelligent dramas(i.e. in the genres of sci-fi, fantasy, action, mental illnesses etc, creative thought.) As well as a couple of WITTY comedies. Today it seems that more and more drama's, and even witty comedies are being cancelled. All people want is repetitive story lines and a lot of stupid reality shows... If it has no script, it's just shit... And the comedies are all just mindless, and vulgar. (i.e. Modern Family)

I'm doing more original art now, and I see most people online are the same way. Only add in liking, "only" fan-art works.

Well news flash people, all fan-art works started out as ORIGINAL art. If no one gives anything new a chance how can anything become established? Anything that requires to much thought, or God forbid... Reading, no one wants to be bothered with.

And I see this trend not just with my own work, but even many other artists, both ones I like, and even close friends on here.

Seriously people, pick a book, read something, watch something that actually makes you think, or listen to a song that isn't point blank obvious.


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2013-02-14 23:06:31

Just my comments yeah i'm a big fan of DoD i like fan works but many people do like to go on newgrounds and find new thing for instance i started watching TTA and later T.O.M.E. I really just wanted to say that many people come to Newgrounds for different reasons Art,Flash,Music, and Games i come for Flash and Games just want to say if you're releasing artwork good for you i'm glad you have other projects besides DoD, but i want to say just remember it's very probable that your fan base is interested mostly in Flash due to your DoD series. Just remember keep releasing art and it may get a fan base of it's own if you really don't wanna be that DoD guy then keep doing that and things will work out sorry for the long comment just wanted to explain my reasoning
Chaos Out

shadefalcon responds:

I agree completely, and TOME was a perfect example, and in my last post I used it as an example for Retrograde, since it will have some re-adapted characters from DoD as well, but an original comic series.

But in any case, people could still look at a picture, leave some comments about it, and vote, same as anything. People understand drawings. It's not hard to write what you think. I use to have this problem even with DoD. Getting people to leave any thoughts. And with over 400 fans, a good handful could still say something. But meanwhile, all my sonic drawings have over 3,000 views, and 2 pages of reviews. That's just sad.

And the quality is so much weaker than my original art.


2013-02-25 13:29:06

you are so right


2013-03-01 02:20:56

What is percentage on DoD5 P3?

shadefalcon responds:

Can you not read?


2013-03-02 17:50:46

heres something that might help you fans that cant seem to read or wait


2013-03-02 17:50:54

heres something that might help you fans that cant seem to read or wait