Band Project, Retrograde, and DoD

2013-02-07 00:16:12 by shadefalcon


Hey all, been a while since I made an update. Just wanted to apologize, I've been going through some new health issues, that I won't be getting into, as well as studying graphic design.

So in order, I have 7 albums Lyrically written, and have currently finished 5 of their artworks, (cover pages, back covers, lyric pages etc).

After that I will be focusing on my vocals and health, as well as working on the character designs for Retrograde, my graphic novel/comic book series, finally(and by that I mean getting them out of my head and on paper).

Understand something, it's going to be a TOTALLY original series, meaning that it's all my ideas with no connection DoD in story. However, as stated before it will have some character designs similar to DoD, but they will be tailored for the new series as I'd hate to not use them in an original manner.

Similar to what Kirbopher has done with TOME, only not animated, more like a batman comic if you will. But not exactly the same of course.

My apologies for being repetitive for those who understand what I'm doing/saying as some people seem to be totally lost on this concept... -___-

Now as far as DoD is concerned, I just need two more sprite sheets to be finished, which are being worked on by some close friends, and I will sometime soon be submitting the revamped swf. document that contains the new pre-loader screen, title screen, (and I've even changed the dimensions of the screen now for the rest of the series), on deviant-art.

Just to clarify something too, since I do get more comments and faves related to my sonic shit than my original work. (though I expect Retrograde will get some good attention as well, hopefully because I'm starting to getting kind of ticked off about that...) most of my original work seems to be payed less attention since I brought DoD back. My advice, please don't do that. DoD is the last thing on my mind, both in importance/significance, and project wise. I like sonic/mario stuff, but I'm not a fanboy, so please don't be one, or you're going to be quite disappointed.

If you're mostly watching me for this reason, then remove me as a fave.

Also, I may have spoken to many audio composers/musicians over the last couple of years about being part of Defiled Conscience, (my band project). I haven't forgotten about you guys, it's just taking time with my health issues before I'll be ready to actually start the recording process. The bottom line would be to record and sell/distribute the albums online.

Though selling, and making a profit, could only work if I find someone who can technically be the producer and the composer. And my half of the spectrum would be the albums art all done, the lyrics, and vocals. And we split marketing/advertising work. Though if I end up needing more than JUST 1 person, there would be no money involved, which I don't really care about to begin with. The main purpose is to find a person or people who love metal, want to be a part of the project for all 7 albums, and believe in the messages that metal sends.

ALSO, I've had to say this with DoD in the past, and now I'll have to say it about my original drawn work as well. I have almost 500 followers on here, Newgrounds alone, not counting my other art pages... Are all of your hands broken, or do you just not know how to type? If you like me and or my work, vote on my drawings in the art portal. My submissions are right at the top of my page here. Please support it. If you don't care, and are mostly interested in "fan-art" related works, then please... take me off your faves list.

Okay, that's all.


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2013-02-07 14:07:03

I'm glad!
Do you work now on DoD 5 P3?

shadefalcon responds:



2013-02-08 09:11:46

ok, just take your time DoD, i am not rushing you, i am saying take a baby step at a time with DoD, ok?


2013-02-19 21:52:18

ah cool you're back im glad you're going to continue DoD but im looking forward to checking out your own projects

shadefalcon responds:

Thanks, I appreciate that.